Not Just a Mummy


Supermarket amnesia


In disturbing news, I’ve noticed a previously undiagnosed medical condition appearing while I have been away from blogging (tending to small animals and releasing a paper on the migration patterns of salmon you know the usual).  I’m referring to it as ‘supermarket amnesia’ and honestly it’s creating havoc. This nasty ailment strikes almost as soon […] Read more…

A TGIF Toast

  Hip hip hooray it’s Friday! Once upon a time (more accurately, 8.5 months ago-ish) Friday Eve would mean an icy cold beverage, usually of the alcoholic variety while the husband and I would toast another week. He’d toast standard topics while i’d toast managing to sail (sometimes crawl) through another week, juggling a small […] Read more…

Taking Stock

I love me a good ‘Taking Stock‘ kinda post. I first happened on the concept when Sash at ‘Inked In Colour‘ published one. I think she’d happened on the idea from Pip at ‘Meet Me At Mike’s‘ and I was keen to jump on that bandwagon and ride it into the sunset. I stumbled back […] Read more…

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