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Ten things that HAVEN’T changed since having kids


After the glorious pronouncement that you are with child (if the gigantor boobs, suspicious trips to the bathroom each morning and t-shirt emblazoned with ‘Eating for two’ hasn’t already given it away), you’re guaranteed to hear the same phrase, admittedly in a variety of creative disguises, over the nine months that your belly swells. “Get […] Read more…

The Toilet Training Chronicles


Ahhh toilet training. The great leveller. The next step. The bridge between toddler and pre-schooler. The stuff either parents dreams or nightmares are made of, depending on your kids aptitude for weeing/pooing in a small plastic box/hovering over an ingenuously fitted mini toilet seat. It’s the trenches of parenting, that’s for sure. Cunningly timed to […] Read more…

5 Month Reflections

motherhood the second time around

So I’ve been doing the mama-of-two thing for five whole months now. FIVE MONTHS. That’s almost half a year! And I’ve survived! Sure, I’ve had moments when I’ve hidden myself in the bathroom with half a melting chocolate freddo clenched in one fist and my phone in the other while simultaneously yelling ‘Mummy is on […] Read more…

Mum Who Rocks: Georgie Abay – Founder of ‘The Grace Tales’

The Grace Tales

It’s happened people! I’ve somehow, through the fog of late pregnancy, managed to put fingers to keys and not only create but PUBLISH an entire blog post. This is rather momentous as lately I’ve struggled to finish writing my shopping list (there’s scraps of paper with random words like ‘organic mince’ and ‘3 ripe bananas’ […] Read more…

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