Not Just a Mummy


Supermarket amnesia


In disturbing news, I’ve noticed a previously undiagnosed medical condition appearing while I have been away from blogging (tending to small animals and releasing a paper on the migration patterns of salmon you know the usual).  I’m referring to it as ‘supermarket amnesia’ and honestly it’s creating havoc. This nasty ailment strikes almost as soon […] Read more…

Making Memories: What Will MY Kids Remember About Me As A Mama?

making memories as a mother

I was hoovering the floor the other night (and by ‘hoovering; I mean ‘Dyson-ing’ with our fancy new cordless, handheld Dyson.. AKA the freaking best appliance to have ever roamed our corridors) mindlessly contemplating life as it stood in that moment. You know the stuff; how so many leaves had managed to enter the premises […] Read more…

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