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Supermarket amnesia


In disturbing news, I’ve noticed a previously undiagnosed medical condition appearing while I have been away from blogging (tending to small animals and releasing a paper on the migration patterns of salmon you know the usual).  I’m referring to it as ‘supermarket amnesia’ and honestly it’s creating havoc. This nasty ailment strikes almost as soon […] Read more…

Slow Cooker Pulled Beef + 5 Recipes To Use It In


Every time I think/write/post about ‘slow cooker pulled beef‘, I seem to get the chorus to ‘Push It’ by the never-out-of-fashion (at least in my book), ‘Salt-N-Pepa.’ Except in my version, it’s “pull it, pull it real good,” which actually sounds incredibly filthy but hey, the mind imagines what the mind imagines. Side note; you […] Read more…

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