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About Naomi CotterillI’m so glad you stopped by. If you’re not sure exactly what you’ve stumbled upon, let me fill you in..

– I’m Naomi, mum of one toddler, two cats and one puppy

– I’m a blogger, freelance writer, sugar free eater and lipstick wearer (If you’re wondering ‘orange’ is my favourite shade)

– While (Not) Just A Mummy may fall under the ‘parenting’ blogger banner, there’s a WHOLE lot more to the page than nappies and boob talk.

As a former mag gal, beauty writer and sugar-holic, (Not) Just A Mummy is all about that.. and more. Wanna know how to rock a bold lip? I can sort you out. Keen to dip your toe into some sugar free snackage? Please, follow me THIS way.

You’ll also find a fair bit of stuff about mental health on this fair site. As a reformed control freak and current OCD sufferer, motherhood came as a bit of a shock to the system. It was TOUGH and I wondered some (many) days if I’d come out the other end.

I share those kind of stories throughout the site and you can check out the most read selection HERE and HERE

Thanks again for stopping by and I really hope you hang around. If you fancy connecting elsewhere, you can find me ALLL over the interwebs:

Facebook – (Not) Just A Mummy HERE

Twitter – @NaomiCotterill HERE

Instagram – Naomi_Notjustamummy HERE

Pinterest – Naomi – (Not) Just A Mummy

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