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A massive HELLO and welcome to that little space on the interwebs called

(Not) Just A Mummy.

I’m Naomi, mama, wife, writer. I love a good flat white, coconut/vanilla scented candles and salty, post beach hair. I’m also all about the belief that becoming permanently +1 (or more) shouldn’t have to mean shelving your unique ‘you-ness’.

SO you still wanna rock a bold lip, indulge in a crisp glass of perfect Sauv Blanc and sneak off to Saturday morning yoga solo? I feel ya! And i’m right there with you slicking, sipping and stretching.

Being a mama to one (and one on the way) has been the most amazing, intense, heart swelling, soul shattering, hardcore experience of my life to date. Motherhood has shown me sides to myself that I never knew were lurking within. It’s led me to completely re-evaluate who I am, what I do and where I want to be. I’m intensely, insanely proud to call myself a mother, but you know what? I’m also still proud to call myself ‘Naomi’; the lippie loving, skinny jean wearing, bliss ball rolling, flat white sipping woman who sits snugly alongside the ‘mummy‘ incarnation of myself.

It’s been a bona-fide roller coaster of discovery from the get-go and there’s been times when I’ve wondered just which ride I’ve willingly strapped myself into. When I took those first tentative steps down the parenthood path in January 2012 I felt as if I was wading through a murky pool of confusion, coupled with a healthy dose of sleep deprivation and a general lack of regard for my physical and mental health and wellbeing. I wasn’t quite sure WHO I was, now that I was permanently +1. Sure, my head was full of feeding schedules, swaddling techniques and the sparse hours of sleep I was getting between 11pm-6am but there was still space for what I now regarded as ‘non-baby related topics’.

I began blogging to help expand that space. To touch on topics that still piqued my interest; health, food, beauty and lifestyle. Slowly, I found that a decent dose of my motherhood experience would creep its way into my writing. And so I happened on what is now the (Not) Just A Mummy formula; a mixture of posts that explore my life inside and outside of being a mother. A true reflection of my growing definition of WHO I now am and what parenthood can look like, above and beyond the standard definitions (or as I originally put it, way back in 2012, ‘there’s a WHOLE lot more (Not) Just A Mummy and BEING a mummy than nappies and boob talk.)

(Not) Just A Mummy is the online space for women who also wear a whole bunch of hats. Who are just as keen on rocking a red lip as they are knocking up a batch of toddler friendly Banana Crunch Muffins

A Few More Facts About Me…

– I’m a reformed sugar-holic. The sweet stuff and I had a deeply committed relationship until January 2013 when I kicked the habit. I’ve been ‘clean’ since then and while I do enjoy the odd sugary indulgence, most of the recipes I post will be either sugar free or very low in sweetener. You can read more about quitting HERE and find some of my favourite recipes HERE.

– I suffer from OCD which got especially bad after my son was born. I battled through and came out the other side but it was tough. I’m extremely passionate about mental health awareness, especially in the pre and post natal period. You can read more about my experience with OCD, medication and recovery HERE, HERE and HERE

– I’ve recently started down the path of meditation and I am OBSESSED. You can read more about that HERE

– I’m a bit of a health junkie, with aspirations to study Health Coaching and Nutritional Medicine in the near future. I’d ultimately love to work with women (like you) as they navigate a new path through pregnancy, birth and into new motherhood. I’ve got plenty of wisdom to share! You’ll find my Instagram full of foodie snaps and other healthy living inspo. Follow me on Instagram HERE

I believe….

– That motherhood and ‘life’ don’t have to be incompatible.

– That celebrating the diversity of our individual experiences of motherhood is essential.

– That it’s ok to not always ‘fit’ the mummy mould (and wonder exactly where it is you belong at all!)

– To be more interested in reading ‘Elle’ than ‘Practical Parenting’ and to want to tune out the sometimes endless nappy and boob talk in favour of wine, cheese and chat about ‘Downton Abbey’ and why BB cream is superior to tinted moisturiser.

– That retaining your ‘you-ness’ as your priorities change is an ever changing process.. One that I’m hoping we can experience together.

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2 Comments on About (Not) Just A Mummy

  1. Elizabeth
    March 14, 2014 at 2:13 am (5 years ago)

    So happy to have found you and your lovely blog via Bloghearted! I’m a fellow holistic Mum, studying herbalism and married to a wellness coach. 🙂

    • Not Just A Mummy
      March 14, 2014 at 5:50 pm (5 years ago)

      Thank for so much Elizabeth! And thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Can’t wait to check out your site and read your no doubt lovely words. Xx


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