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You know what part of early infancy I really enjoy? Teething. There is nothing I like better than catching a glimpse of a swollen gum and waiting with gleeful anticipation  for the teething symptoms to kick in. Clearly I am lying. Teething and I are not friends. I would go so far as saying that teething and I do not see eye to eye (eye to tooth?) ever.

Teething angers me. Almost as much as that time I read a well respected Paediatrician disputing the actual existence of teething and declaring that it was in fact a myth.Tell that to my kids’ red raw bottom, miserable demeanour and mouth that closely resembles that of a boxer after a few rounds in the ring (red, swollen and angry).

As luck would have it, both my kids have really felt the teething blues. Some kids seem to pop out a peg without too much fuss, perhaps a day or two of misery before they’re proudly sporting a more toothful grin. My kids on the other hand like to labour over it and really take their time. Like the approach of a fearsome hurricane, there are a couple of clear telltale signs that danger is approaching. After 3.5 years in the parenting game, I’ve come to recognise and heed these warnings. As a newbie mama, I didn’t batten down the hatches quite soon enough and chaos reigned. These days, when the chomping starts and the bottom becomes red I know that it’s game on.

Being fairly au fait with the natural side of life (or as my husband calls it ‘your crazy hippie ideas), I’ve tried to manage teething as holistically as possible. That isn’t to say that I don’t reach for the Neurofen every now and then but I try as much as possible to keep that as the last line of defence. Before hitting the hard stuff, I usually give the following teething remedies a whirl.

1. Breastfeed on demand and baby wear – Whether you’re breast or bottle feeding, there is a good chance that your teething babe may want to suckle more often than normal. Sucking is extremely comforting or babies and can help them to naturally manage pain. Skin to skin either during feeding or while baby-wearing provides reassurance and can actually help regulate a mild fever which sometimes occurs during teething. I boob Evie on demand and often wear her in our Ergo, especially when she’s refusing to be put down and I can’t spend the entire afternoon flat out on the couch (as much as I’d like to do just that).

2. The freezer stash – I always stash a couple of teething rings in the freezer. Yes, they work wonderfully at keeping my wine cool for longer once poured but they also have the added bonus of soothing tender, swollen gums. Evie in particular goes to town on her favourites (The Heinz Little Star and Sophie Le Giraffe) while I wince imagining what she’d like to do to my skin should she be able to get a chomper to it.

3. Essential oils for the win – While I’m a newbie to the world of EO’s, I’ve fallen hard and fast due to the benefits I’ve seen in my own kidlets when it comes to minimising teething symptoms. Doterra 100% pure lavender and frankincense essential oils diluted with jojoba oil are my go-to for teething. I mix 1-2 drops of each with 5ml of jojoba and gently massage into Evie’s jaw and the back of her neck before bed. Both oils have anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, which probably explains why they work so well.

4. Soft, cool foods for tender gums – While both my kids aren’t too shabby in the eating department, a nasty bout of teething can knock the appetite right out of them. When Evie is feeling really sore, I find anything too hard poses an issue, while warm foods are generally thrown straight onto the floor. I get it. Having had a root canal and my wisdom teeth removed (all four. IN THE CHAIR. With no anaesthetic (just a local). Thanks mum and dad), I know I pretty much sub-existed on yoghurt, puree and smoothies for a good few days afterwards. Heinz Organic Creamy Oats with Fig & Sultanas and Heinz Organic Banana And Mango are packed full of the good stuff, sans any nasties (preservatives, artificial colours and flavours) and made from Aussie grown ingredients. We love them for a quick snack when little mouths are sore, especially when we’re on the go after swimming or before the afternoon park onslaught.

Teething can be tough. Being as gentle as possible on yourself is important. Teeth and lack of sleep seem to go hand in hand around here and I know that my frustration and patience levels peak and ebb respectively. I try, as much as possible, to implement my usual mantra; ‘This too shall pass’, work my way through the above list and when things get really dire, reach for the Neurofen and a glass of Sauv Blanc (chilled by the fridge instead of a teething ring if I’m really organised).

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QUESTION: How do you manage teething? Any wonder products you swear by? I’d love to hear from you as we’ve got some molars approaching and man oh man I’m nervous!



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