Ring Ring Ring Ring,
Which emergency service would you like?
Hello how can I help?
It’s my wife she’s having a baby and we aren’t going to make it to hospital.
Ok, what’s you name?
Adam whats your address?
Its 2/92 Phillip… oh my god the baby is out…

Evie-Rose’s entry into the world was both special and spectacular, an unplanned, unassisted home birth. It was quite an amazing sight to see my daughter being delivered by my wife author of this site while bracing on the bathroom door.

So on the 5th June we celebrated two milestones Evie’s first birthday and Mummy’s 1 year breast feeding anniversary. The second is not to be understated. Evie had a tongue and lip tie, it’s only through dogged persistence and determination that Naomi and Evie got to that point. It’s the same dogged persistence and determination I see in Evie most days. Whether it be walking at 11 months or doing her best to push her brother out of bed when he is taking up too much of Mummy’s time.

Anyway 6 weeks into Evie’s life I discovered this app 1 second every day. The premise is simple, take a video cut it down to 1 second. Once you have the required number of videos the app mashes them together with a timestamp for each day. I decided that I would document Evie as she changed and grew up throughout the year. Trying to film her 2 to 3 times a week. Below are the results, my beautiful little girl from 6 weeks to 1 year. I hope you enjoy.

Adam (Not) Just a Daddy 🙂

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