winter_skincareAnyone else fashioned a poncho out of a blanket and started wearing their kids beanie out in public? Just me? Fear not, I haven’t quite progressed to that point… Yet anyway but baby it’s cold outside. I’ve been firing up the electric blanket like its nobodies business. Ohhh toasty beacon of delicious warmth, how i love thee. While I don’t mind the cold, I hate wind. Seriously hate it. As in fist shaking at the sky, muttered curses under by breath, hate. Not only does it send children and animals loopy (ask any school teacher, they’ll tell you that wind = classroom insanity), it does nasty, nasty things to your skin. I’m talking dry patches, scaly hands, general sore itchiness. Yuck with a side of unpleasant really.

Now while some may not notice their skin becoming increasingly dry (my dad for example) or enjoy sporting a reptilian complexion, most of us aren’t too keen on feeling like a piece of sandpaper. The kids and I have been combatting things head on as we all suffer from quite sensitive skin that is prone to dryness and irritation. Ollie is currently sporting some very pink cheeks and a dry patch by his mouth from windburn I think while Evie has developed some dry, rough skin on her back, chest and tummy. I’m faring ok, apart from my hands which pretty much cause me to sob into my makeshift poncho every time I catch sight of them.

Here’s what we’ve been using

QV baby bath oil (in the bath as the label hints at). While I prefer to use all natural stuff where possible, I haven’t found anything that comes close to the skin soothing, hydrating properties of QV bath oil. I whack some in the bath pretty much every night for the kids and I to wallow around in. Important note; don’t rinse it off and if you can manage it, pat yourself dry really gently to leave as much on your skin as possible. You could also just run up and down your hallway, completely starkers and let the ‘air dry you’ as a certain three year old family member chooses to do. That’s completely up to you though.


Weleda Skin Lotion – Im a sucker for Weleda anything but especially their baby range. So pure and natural and the scent just makes me think of newborns and their heavenly baby smell. I’ve been using the lotion all over Evie’s back and chest and on Ollies cheeks and chin with great success; no irritation and a definite improvement in dryness levels.


The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Baby Oil – I lurve this stuff. I was sent a bottle just before Evie was born and took to using it myself both to remove makeup (that stuff I apparently used to wear more of when I had but one offspring) and moisturise my skin after a warm shower. Being the fabulous multi-tasker that it is, Jojoba Oil performs both of these tasks admirably. Recently I’ve been forced to share with both kids and now alternate between the aforementioned Weleda and my beloved J-Oil (all the kids are calling it that, trust me) for after-bath moisturiser time, an always exciting period of the evening when I attempt to wrestle two, still damp children onto my bed to apply lashings of lotion while they attempt everything in their power to escape. I still use it on my face, usually of an evening and often mixed with my face cream.



– Billie Goat Soap Billie Baby Moisturiser – In a confession that may well rock you to the core, I have to admit that I ran out of night cream awhile ago and as yet, haven’t gotten around to replacing it. I could blame my children, namely my eldest who has a fixation with the chupa chup stand at the local chemist who stock my preferred brand which means a battle generally ensues should be enter the premises but to be honest, it’s more laziness on my behalf and also my inability to make up my mind as to which night cream I want to try next (a decision that keeps me awake at night, let me tell you). As such, I’ve had to improvise and this little tube of goaty goodness has done a great job at stepping in. It’s colour and fragrance free, very gentle and non-greasy, perfect for your face really. I probably wouldn’t use it on my face in summer as it is a heavier formulation but for Autumn/Winter, it’s darn near perfect.


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