3 Easy Ways To Hit Refresh On Your MakeupIn news that may shock you to your very core, I’m throwing it out there that I love makeup. ‘A beauty blogger who likes to paint her face?’ I hear you gasp. ‘How scandalous!’ All jokes aside however, I’ve always loved the pretty stuff.

Before going on maternity leave, sorting through the treasure trove-like box of makeup in my vanity was my favourite way to start the workday, and working in a creative industry meant I was free to be as creative as I fancied (there’s still a touch of the little girl who loves to dress up and smear mum’s lippie all over her face in living inside this supposed ‘grown up’).

Things have changed a little however. These days, it’s slightly less practical to sport a pair of Shu Uemera, crystal embellished falsies, primarily due to the fact that my son may attempt to pull them off causing me to think a spider has fallen into my lap which would most likely trigger a fainting attack. That, and the fact that the Shu’s don’t go particularly well with my bonds singlet and (admittedly very cute) Tree of Life maxi skirt. I refuse however, to admit defeat.

A few simple switcheroo’s mean there’s still plenty of fun to be had, even when you no longer sleep past 7am, have bags you attribute to a long night with a teething baby or in the boardroom and the hottest date you’ve got is with a slippery slide/interactive whiteboard/those exciting folks from finance.

Switch your basic balm for a bright lip – I love me a bright orange lip (shout out to Napoleon’s Goddess lippie in Hara, $35.00). There’s something about the sheer ‘juicyness’ of it that gets me every time. A favourite at both work and play, it’s the ultimate way to dress up the every day in a perfectly appropriate way (yes I just rhymed. I am very clever). A recent survey (conducted by me) estimated that approximately 97.5% of women put something on their kissers each day and as far as I’m concerned, it’s better to bin the boring and embrace something a little more exciting. A fuchsia painted pout at the park? Why not? A velvety scarlet at the office? How very ladylike. The beauty of the bright lip is that it’s quick and easy to achieve, lasts the length of the day (with the right prep of course) and can help brighten and lighten the face by drawing attention away from tired (and makeup free) eyes and cheeks. Added bonus, you can slick on a pop of colour anytime, anywhere.

Nix naked nails– Nothing says ‘fun’ like a set of ten lilac licked digits. A quick DIY mani is one of the fastest ways to change up your look and add a little somethin’ somethin’. While lilac might not be everyone’s cup of chai, there’s no reason why you can’t banish naked nails in favour of the perfect taupe/nude shade (OPI’s Samoan Sand is a cult classic for a reason) or an ultra subtle hint of pink (OPI’s Bubble Bath comes up trumps). If you are feeling a little more adventurous, pastels are my tip. Pretty and practical, they suit the majority of skin tones and get snaps for their springtime feel (Maybelline Mini Colorama in Party Blue and Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish in Lively Lilac are currently rocking my world). As a recovering shellac addict, I was convinced I’d never be able to perfect the art of doing my own nails but with my newest nail hero’s; Natio Top & Base Coat, $9.95 and Manicare Nail Enamel Corrector Pen, $12.95, I’m well on my way to manicure Queen.

Ditch the black liner for a kick of colour – I love my black kohl pencil. It rates up next to my child and husband in the appreciation stakes. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t sometimes argue and end up on opposite sides of the bathroom (the pencil and I, not a member of my family). That smouldering pencil is all moody smudginess and bedroom eyes, which I totally get but sometimes I just need a change. Lining my eyes with a different colour makes for an exciting exercise in experimentation. I am partial to dipping an angled brush into a highly pigmented shadow (MAC Eyeshadow in Electric Eel, $33 is a goodie) or coloured gel liner (YoungBlood Gel Eyeliner in Black Orchid is my current obsession) then tracing along as close to my lashes as possible, which achieves a rather stupendous result, but for those who prefer something a little more subtle (or who have a shaky hand) a coloured liner pencil can be just as good (try L’Oreal Infallible Eyeliner in Stay Blue, $22.95) The best thing about this trio of fabulousness is that each is super easy to achieve with a minimum of fuss, suitable for almost every face and budget and perfect whether you’re at home at the kids, logging serious hours in the office or even slinging on a satchel for study. Taking a few minutes to do something to brighten up your day can put a spring in your step that may otherwise be MIA. I know I can’t help but smile when I catch sight of my juicy orange lips in the mirror, or pretty purple tips.


3 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Makeup 3 easy ways to refresh your makeup 3 easy ways to refresh your makeup

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