Emu Little CreaturesFriday around these parts usually means a couple of key things; coffee from my favourite inner city bakery, Turkish or Thai for tea, family time, the promise of two whole days of co-parenting.. Oh so many lovely things. On the blog front, it usually means a ‘Mum Who Rocks‘ post, one of my absolute favourite ‘regular’ segments on the site (you can check out the most recent featured mama, Jess from Energetic Mama HERE) This week however, and forever more, I’ll be switching things up on the last Friday of each month to bring you a monthly ‘Stuff We’re Loving’ post.

Why the switcheroo? A couple of reasons the main one being that I’m all about sharing, especially the awesome stuff I stumble across each month. While I personally think that the BEST shopping advice is word of mouth recommendations from those who’ve trod the path before me, the second best would have to be ‘straight from a blog that is fantastically amazing and who features a writer that I trust’. Hopefully, (Not) Just A Mummy can be THAT blog and I, my friends, can be that writer.

While I am far from an expert when it comes to a whole bunch of stuff (maths, equine husbandry and baking a souffle that doesn’t flop being but three), when it comes to product for myself and the kidlet, well I like to think I’m pretty savvy. Having worked in the world of glossy magazines for an extended period, my head isn’t easily turned. I don’t shop anywhere near as much as I once did but when I do, I like to think that I buy stuff that makes sense. As much as it pains the 23 year old me who gambled about town in her cute heels and Alannah Hill frocks, I’m a lot more conscientious about what I bring home from Westfield these days.

The products I’m featuring this month and will continue to feature going forward are a mix of stuff that I’ve found myself (and paid for with actual dollars.. or plastic) and products that have been sent to me directly for my consideration. I’ve written before about my relationship with brands (and you can read my full product disclosure statement HERE if you really fancy it), but to recap, yes, I do occasionally get sent product and yes, some of it will appear on the blog but always on my own terms and always, always because I believe in the product and respect the brand. I only ever accept samples of products that I feel make a good fit with the site and even then, if the sample doesn’t live up to expectations, will return to sender with a polite ‘thanks but no thanks’ email.

The products below marked with a * were kindly provided by the respective companies or PR’s. The rest of the stuff was purchased by yours truly.

With all that out of the way, let’s get this party started (is it sad that I’m saying that on a Friday afternoon while I sit in ugg boots, sipping tea and knowing this is as wild as it’s going to get around here?)

1. Emu ‘Little Creatures’ Kids Uggs, $89.95 *

Little Creatures Ugg BootsThese would have to be my absolute favourite new acquisition this month. Emu Australia, maker of deliciously snuggly ugg boots for adults have released their newest kids range, ‘Little Creatures’. Made using Aussie suede and merino wool, these boots are quite possibly the cutest thing to have adorned my sons feet. He loves his ‘Baaaa’ boots and I love how warm, sturdy and well made they are. I have a feeling he’ll grow out of these instead of wearing them out like he does with the majority of his other shoes.
You can check out the full range of Emu ‘Little Creatures’ HERE. Prices start at $89.95

2. Nine & Mine @ Big W Textured Knit Top, $25.00

Big W Maternity

I’m not going to lie; I’ve been LIVING in this stripy knit ever since I snapped it up while searching for flannelette cot sheets at my local Big W (oh the glamorous life I lead). Light enough for the Autumn sunshine but with enough warmth for when it starts to get cool of an evening. My biggest gripe with maternity wear is usually the fit and length; I’m not crazily tall but at 172cm, am probably on the taller side of average which can sometimes mean that I get that horrible gap between the top of my jeans and the bottom of my shirt. I haven’t had any issues with this knit which means it gets an even bigger thumbs up than it was already getting.
You can find the Nine&Mine range online HERE or in-store at Big W.

3. Squooshi Food Pouches, $9.99 per large 2 pack

Reusable Food Pouches

I was first alerted to these rather excellent little pouches by my friend Jade who emailed through a link to the website. I’ve been on the hunt for a little while for re-usable squeezy pouches for sending yoghurt to kindy as I’m not keen on the stuff you get at the supermarket (overpriced and seriously high in sugar). I wanted to find pouches that were both BPA free AND dishwasher safe and these guys fit the bill perfectly, while being super cute to boot. The pouches are available in both small (70ml) and large (130ml) sizes and you can also purchase a bunch of different tops/spouts (I’ve just got the standard ones).
You can see the whole range online HERE.

4. Pukka ‘Revitalise’ Tea, $7.95 *

Pukka Tea

Lately, I’ve been relying upon a steaming hot cup of this stuff around 2pm to get me through the afternoon and into the evening. I don’t drink coffee after midday so it’s all about tea between lunchtime and the evening and this one has been fitting the bill perfectly. Spicy and aromatic (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a post), it’s the perfect Autumn pick-me-up.
You can check out the full Pukka range HERE

I’d love to hear what’s floating your boat this month. Have you pulled out the uggs? What glorious liquid are you sipping of an afternoon/evening. Let me know in the comments below!

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