How To: The Easy Daytime EyeEyes, eyes, look at my eyes. Actually, don’t do that at the moment as they’re completely bare and slightly bleary (can I blame both the unborn bebe in my belly AND the toddler for that? I think I will anyway). When it comes to eye makeup, things can be confusing. That’s probably why I stick to the same technique, time and time again. To date, it hasn’t let me down. Better still, it’s perfect for day AND night (with a few tweaks).

Being that I’ve been wearing this particular look mostly during the day of late, I thought it apt to refer to is as the ‘daytime smoky eye’. What the flaming galah is a daytime smoky eye? I hear you ask. It’s the night time, Kardashian-esque eye toned down about 100 watts (or in the case of the Kardashians, 10 000 watts), simplified and made perfect for the dawn to dusk hours, think gorgeous, thick lashes and a very fine lick of grey and/or black. It’s the natural version of a Saturday night eye. Why should you bother? Well why not? Just in case the compelling ‘why not?’ argument hasn’t persuaded you, here’s a few more reasons you should get busy with a cotton bud.

  • Drawing attention to your eyes is a super easy way of opening up your whole face while drawing attention away from anything less than pretty (i’m talking to you blind pimple currently residing on my chin).
  • Juzzing up your eyes means you can pretty much get away with not doing anything to your hair or the rest of your face (except for sunscreen, of course, and may I suggest a tinted moisturiser for it’s protective AND skin loving benefits?) and still look just a little bit ‘done’. Like you’ve almost made an effort but are just so naturally gorgeous that you were stopped in your tracks before said effort could be exerted but still look amazing.
  • If you have a fringe, focus is drawn straight to your peepers due to the way the hair sits and for me, naked eyes make me look like a human/badger hybrid which is distressing for everyone involved and means I simply must put something on my eyes before going out in public.
  • If you do your eyes properly, they’ll last all day without you having to think twice about them. Not so anything lip focused. Lip’s are the highest of the high maintenance and while getting a massive tick for being super excellent, hard work to maintain.

So now that i’ve convinced you and before you dash to the mirror, here’s what you need to do…

1. If you want to be all professional, smear some foundation or concealer onto your eyelids to provide a nice, ‘grippy’ base or your makeup. I do this if i want my makeup to last all day and into the night but otherwise don’t tend to worry about it.

2. Grab yourself an angled eyebrow brush or eyeshadow brush (I like the Cosmetica Angled Eyeliner Brush)  or at pinch one of those foam eyeshadow applicators or at a really tight squeeze, a cotton bud and find an eyeshadow in a black or grey shade (I use the Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Pressed Quad in ‘Starlet’). What you want to do is use your shadow in place of an eyeliner, it adds depth to your eyes and a little more drama, plus, it won’t budge once it’s on.

3. Get in really, really close to your upper lashes. I’m talking pretty much where the follicle of the lash meets the lash itself and, starting at the inner corners, gently line your eyes, wiggling the brush right into your lashes. By doing this, you make your eyes look naturally darker and lashes much thicker, without the obvious ‘black line’ above the lid. I usually hold my brush like I would a pen and draw in the same way.

4. Bring the line all the way to the outer corner of your eye. Stopping too soon will make your eyes smaller (and look pretty weird). If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can swap to a different colour now and go over the outer corners with that. I often line in black then add a bit of dark, slate grey to the outer corners.

5. Mascara is absolutely necessary and should be applied from the very root of your lashes and wiggled all the way to the tips. And remember not to pump the brush in and out of the tube. This just pushes air into the product and pretty much guarantees it drying out much sooner than if you pull it out and whip it on (that doesn’t sound like innuendo in my head..).

And there you have it. An easy way to make your eyes look that little bit prettier but still park/playground/playgroup appropriate.

How To Easy Eye Make Up

How To: The Easy Day Time Eye

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3 Comments on How To: The (super easy) daytime eye

  1. Jiera
    April 18, 2014 at 12:17 am (5 years ago)

    Great tips. I was looking for the make up result. I don;t know if it’s just the browser or there is no photo of the result.

    • Not Just A Mummy
      April 19, 2014 at 3:14 pm (5 years ago)

      Thanks Jiera! Glad you enjoyed the tips! There should be an ‘after’ shot, my server might have eaten it up though! Stay tuned as will make sure one is up ASAP


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