Mum Who rocksIt a may be a day late but hey, it’s nice to mix things up every now and then! After a couple of weeks break from the weekly ‘Mum Who Rocks’ feature, it’s back, bigger and better than ever with a while bunch of (seriously) AMAZING women, who’s words of wisdom I can’t wait to share with you all.

We are kicking off today with the beautiful Jessica Donovan AKA Energetic Mama from the website of the same name (you can click HERE to check it out.. once you’ve finished reading of course). I first came across Jess when I was perusing the archives over on Seek, Act, Love (the website of the gorgeous Amy Taylor Kabbaz who was one of the very first ‘Mum Who Rocks‘) Jess has been featured on the site as an inspiring mama and reading her words, then clicking over to her website, completely affirmed that title.

Naturopath, foodie, business woman, writer/blogger and mama to 2 divine little beings, what really had me impressed was Jess’ attitude towards healthy living, nutrition and wellness. The opening line in her ‘About Me’ page reads:

Let me tell you something that might surprise you……………………… I don’t believe in perfection!

And I bloody loved that. I find, especially when dabbling in the world of holistic health, that there can sometimes be a whole lotta ‘rules’ to follow. Drink this. Don’t eat that. Avoid XYZ (oh and ABC and DFG) at all costs. It can be confusing and intimidating and make you wonder when living a healthy, happy life became so darn complicated. Jess is all about the belief that great health is achievable for everyone, and doesn’t have to mean saying no to some of the best life has to offer (wine and chocolate anyone?). I found her perspective, knowledge and the way she applies what she’s learnt in her studies to her own life and that of her family extremely refreshing and I’ve been lapping up her words ever since.

I’m super stoked to share a bunch of those words with you now!

Welcome Jess!

Energetic Mama

1. Tell us all a little bit about your lovely self.

 Hi I’m Jess, I live near the beach, south of Adelaide with my hubby and 2 children. My life is a constant juggling act of school and kindy runs, running my 2 businesses, making healthy food for my family, spending as much quality time as I can with my family and keeping myself fit. I love camping, travelling, spending time at the beach and snowboarding.

2. What words best describe your mummyhood journey thus far?

 Privileged, Life changing, Challenging, Learning, Acceptance, Fun

3. Sweetest parenting experience?

Giving birth to both my babies was such an empowering, amazing and life changing experience. I am very passionate about empowering women to trust their bodies to be able to birth naturally. Of course it is not always possible but each intervention you have – being induced, gas, epidural etc increases the likelihood you will have further intervention. I feel so blessed to have had such wonderful birthing experiences. More recently, we spent 3 weeks on a campervan adventure in New Zealand in January. It was an amazing experience for all of us, I wrote about it on my blog HERE.

4. How do you manage being a busy mama with taking care of your own wellness?

I prioritise self-care because I know I am a better mum when I do! I don’t believe in having time, I make time. Recently I have been going for 20 minute power walks whenever I can, which does wonders for my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
Green smoothies are my best friend, they are quick, full of nutrients and delicious. I freeze bananas and pineapple ahead of time, then add spinach, mint or parsley, chia seeds, maca and cacao powder if I want a chocolate hit.

5. What are your non-negotiables when it comes to your health/lifestyle?

Eating nourishing food everyday, moving my body regularly ( I get grumpy without exercise) and having time to myself regularly.

6. What does an average day look like for you?

I eat breakfast first thing which is usually my coconut and chia seed muesli and try to do some sort of exercise in the morning, it might be a bike ride to school, a power walk along the beach or a work out (I am lucky enough to have a personal trainer as a husband and a studio at home).

I have a 6 year old son who is at school, a 4 year old daughter who is at kindy 2 days a week and I work 2-3 days a week so my week is a mixture of work days and making the most of precious days at home with my daughter as she starts school next year.

Our at home days usually involve baking, pottering, going for a walk, reading, playing, dancing and housework. After picking my son up we might go to the beach or the bike park, visit a friend or have an afternoon at home.

My hubby and I run a business together Bounce Optimum Health and Wellbeing and I work 2 days with clients as a naturopath, which I love. I specialise in women and children’s health and have a passion for helping mums feel their best, which is why I launched my online business Energetic Mama last year. I also write blog posts, work on marketing my businesses and much more. Running two businesses can be exhausting but I love it and get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing people turn their lives around.

Once the kids are in bed I spend some time with my hubby, we might go in our spa, watch something on T.V or sit in our bean bag room and chat.

7. How do you ‘switch off’ at the end of the day/on the weekend?

At the end of the day I love to read, have a spa or watch something interesting on T.V. to switch off.

On the weekend I love to do something outdoors, a bike ride, walk along the beach or picnic in a park.

8. Do you have any favourite websites/blogs that you visit for inspiration/information etc?

I love The Healthy Chef, Practical Paleo, Against all grain, Natural New age Mum and Mamacino.

9. Now for the REALLY important stuff...

Cats or dogs? Dogs, you can walk them!

Dawn or dusk? Dawn, a new beginning!

Yoga or pilates? Yoga

Coffee or tea? Herbal tea mostly but I do enjoy a good coffee!

Juice or smoothies? Smoothies all the way!

Favourite food? Bliss Balls, you can find my favourite recipe in my Energetic Mama ebook

Favourite guilty pleasure? A glass or two of good wine.

10. The ol’ finish this sentence..

The best word to describe me is…. optimistic

I totally rock at… preparing nutritious and delicious food.

If I’m not being a mum you can usually find me… in my office, dreaming up a new idea for Energetic Mama

11. Where can we find you?

Website: Click HERE

Blog: Click HERE

Facebook: Click HERE

Energetic Mama

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