Mum Who Rocks: Amy Ehlers

I am super excited to be featuring the lovely Emily Ehlers as this weeks ‘Mum Who Rocks’. Health + life coach, writer, illustrator and mama to a gorgeous little lady, she’s a woman who’s got a whole bunch of plates spinning at once. I first came across Emily’s little space on the internet (which you can check out HERE) when a post she published about her experience with anxiety and the ways she had chose to manage it came across my radar. Reading further into her site, I discovered that her journey to wellness resounded a lot with my own. The experiences that she’d had and the way she’d transformed her lifestyle was nothing short of inspirational and I loved devouring her words on health, happiness and motherhood.

I was actually going to publish this gorgeous interview next week but when Emily published THIS beautiful post (read it HERE) earlier in the week, I felt drawn to publish her words a week in advance. She wrote about how hard it is sometimes, as women and mothers, especially women with a connection to health, wellness and happiness, to both accept and express vulnerability, especially the special sense of vulnerability that comes with a resurgence of the stuff we’d previously thought we’d conquered.

I’ve written extensively about my experience with anxiety, OCD and Post Natal Depression and Emily’s words resounded with me in that I know how tough it is sometimes to let ourselves ‘feel it all’. The fear of ‘going back to that dark place’ still grips me at times and I think it’s sometimes that that makes it so hard to really accept AND share.  Bringing it all out into the light is the crucial thing though, no matter how tough.

 As I’ve been surfing along a similar path over the past few weeks, it felt very apt to pull up Emily’s interview, read through it and get it up and out into the world! It’s a beautiful breath of positivity for your Friday that I hope you enjoy!

Take it away Emily!

Mum WHo Rocks: Emily Ehlers

1. Tell us all a little bit about your lovely self.

I am a health and life coach, freelance writer, illustrator, barefooted tree-hugger based on the sunny beaches of Perth. I have a 15 month old little girl (affectionately named Booger) who keeps me on my feet and is everyday moulding and squeezing me into a better human. My mission is to empower women to transform their lives and harness radiant wellness by nourishing their body, mind and soul. All while giving the planet a little bit of love too!

2. What words best describe your mummyhood journey thus far?

Transformative. Grounding. Illuminating. Crazy. Vulnerable. Frenetic. Wonderful. Dizzying. Love-soaked.

3. Sweetest parenting experience?

Very recently actually. Booger went to stay at her grandparents for three nights (I had never been away from her for one!). When we saw each other for the first time in four days it was amazing. She was just laughing and stroking my face. So beautiful.

4. How do you manage being a busy mama with taking care of your own wellness?

It’s ALL about preparation; taking a little bit of time to give yourself a bit of time. I get up at 5am (most days) so that I can start my day on the right foot – meditate, oil-pull, journal and squeeze in a bit of yoga. It can be hard but I am always grateful that I did in the end. I also try and spend a few hours on a Sunday to make some healthy meals or snacks for the week – either a pot of curry, paleo muffins, activate my nuts or just cook up some meat that I can quickly throw in a salad.

5. What are your non-negotiables when it comes to your health/lifestyle?

Meditation: It is vital to my mental health. It grounds me and tames my monkey mind.

Moving my body: A gentle stroll, a jog with the pram, some at-home yoga stretches, a game of tennis, a bikram class or just some squats. When I don’t do this through the day I feel it all through me.

The ocean: I at least dip my feet into the ocean everyday but otherwise I just need to walk alongside it to feel a little better.

6. What does an average day look like for you?

I get up at 5am for some “me time” and then we go for a family walk on the beach with the dogs. After breakfast, we go for another big walk to the park while I listen to a lecture or inspiring audiobook. During the day we will either go to the library or the river to tire Boog out. For the middle of the day we usually stay inside (Perth summers are hot!) and I generally try fit in a bit of work here while Lucy plays. Then in the afternoon we might take a train ride into Fremantle for an explore. Then after the bedtime rumble and she is settled, I work for a few hours. I try to turn off by 9pm and then spend an hour or so reading to try and relax before bed.

7. How do you ‘switch off’ at the end of the day/on the weekend?

I still struggle with this one! I wrote about it recently here but I have taken to keeping my phone out of sight after a certain time (we call it black-out), we also got rid of our TV which makes me gravitate towards books for my relaxation time.

8. Do you have any favourite websites/blogs that you visit for inspiration/information etc?

  • Mark’s Daily Apple – The go to guy for primal (paleo) info and inspo!

  • A Beautiful Mess – Not a health website by any means but there are ah-mazing crafts DIY’s. I also am constantly admiring how Elsie has created such an amazing online empire. It inspires me.

  • Such Different Skies – I always find myself soaking up the soulful rays the Tara omits.

  • Sarah Wilson – I love the way Sarah writes, her no-bullshit attitude and her views on living simply. I also have a total crush on her career.

9. Now for the REALLY important stuff.

Cats or dogs? Self-confessed crazy dog lady. But I like cats attitudes!

– Dawn or dusk? Dawn – there’s something magical about that really cool bit before sunrise and then watching the light and colours. Soul food right there.

– Yoga or pilates? Yoga.

– Coffee or tea? Herbal tea. I haven’t had a coffee in 3 years (caffeine gives me major panic attacks!)

– Juice or smoothies? Both at different times. If I want it to take me through the morning, smoothie. If I am feeling like I need nourishment, juice.

10. Favourite food?

I love a really zesty thai salad

11. Favourite guilty pleasure?

I can’t go past a Sunday afternoon icy cold glass of white wine overlooking the water with my husband. We are so spoilt for views in Perth!

12. The ol’ finish this sentence?

– The best word to describe me is…. positive.

– I totally rock at… lifting people up. I have a knack for finding the good in people, polishing it up and helping them project it out into the world.

– If I’m not being a mum you can usually find me… writing! Whether it is blog posts, ecourses, ebooks, emails or a freelance article for a magazine; I will generally be conjuring up some words.

13. Favourite words/affirmation/quote to live by?

I am obsessed with the word illuminate at the moment. So much so that I named my first eBook after it (download it free here).

I am also a total quote junkie so to pick one is bloody hard. But I will go with this one…

‘ I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.’

Anais Nin

14. Where can we find you?

At the beach, generally!

But online you can find my website is

I have a beautiful and supportive Facebook posse.

I am Instagram obsessed (@emily_ehlers)

I tweet here Twitter

And I pin here Pinterest!

Mum Who Rocks: emily ehlers

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