Mum Who Rocks: Briony From Birth In Balance

Happy Friday friends! I’m absolutely delighted to be kicking off the final day of the week with another ‘Mum Who Rocks‘. These interviews are seriously some of my favourite content to publish here on (Not) Just A Mummy, not the least for the heady dose of inspiration it gives me to read through the answers submitted by the amazing women who’ve agreed to take part.

There’s something so wonderful about connecting, even via the computer screen, to other women and their unique interpretations of what motherhood (and life in general) means to them. I’ve been so heartened to discover, throughout this series, that becoming a parent has just been the beginning of some amazing life changes for the women I’ve featured. I’m also constantly in awe of the way the juggle motherhood, career and retaining a real sense of self and identity, outside of being a ‘mother’, ‘partner’, ‘friend’ ‘co-worker’ and the rest.

I’m super excited to bring you an interview today with a woman very close to my heart. Briony, from Birth In Balance was the amazing doula who was present at the birth of my son. She was with us from about the 18 week mark, right through the birth and then into the post natal period. One of my most vivid memories while birthing my son was raising my head from the edge of the birthing pool to see Briony on one side of the tub and my husband on the other, both absolutely and completely committed to ensuring that everything I needed was provided. The love, support and pride that was flowing out of both of them gave me so much confidence in myself and my birthing abilities. Knowing that someone else, apart from my wonderful partner, had my back and was on the same page as us in creating a positive, healthy birthing experience was hugely empowering and I think that I can thank Briony and her presence at my birth for things unfolding in the way that they did.

Briony has also managed to create a rather amazing business in the health and wellbeing realm that allows her to do what she loves while also being a wonderful and present mother, something that I’d one day also like to be able to do. Seeing what she does and has achieved is an endless source of inspiration for me.

Without any further gushing, I’ll allow Briony to share her rockin’ motherhood experience with you all.

Birth In Balance

 1. Tell us all a little bit about your lovely self.

I’m a Mum to 3 gorgeous little people, a doula, nutritionist, massage therapist, placenta encapsulator

and infant massage instructor. I run my own business and I’m passionate about pregnancy, birth, children’s health and wellness. I also love to run, do yoga, listen to great live music, cook and eat yummy healthy foods.

2. What words best describe your mummyhood journey thus far?

Beautiful, amazing, exhausting, overwhelming, heart-wrenching, heart-melting!

3. Sweetest parenting experience?

Without a doubt the births of my 3 babies.

4. How do you manage being a busy mama with taking care of your own wellness?

I know that if I’m not looking after myself as well as I should be, I can’t be the best Mum I can be, nor can I perform at work as well as I would like to. I find it easy to look after my wellness because it goes hand in hand with my job. Plus I love to eat well and keep fit. When I eat well, I really do feel well.

5. Any non-negotiables when it comes to your health/lifestyle?

I try to eat organic whenever possible. I also drink lots of filtered water and avoid soft drinks, highly processed foods and anything containing artificial colours and preservatives. I also do yoga and meditation classes every week.

6. Now for the REALLY important stuff.

Cats or dogs? Cats (Ed’s note: I’ve met Briony’s cat.. She’s gorgeous!)

Dawn or dusk? Dawn

Yoga or pilates? Yoga

Coffee or tea? Tea

Juice or smoothies? Smoothies

7. The ol’ finish this sentence..

The best word to describe me is…. caring

I totally rock at… my job.. Hopefully! (Ed’s note: She really does!)

If I’m not being a mum you can usually find me…looking after Mummies-to-be, or relaxing with friends and a glass of wine at a live music venue.

8. Favourite words/affirmation/quote to live be?

“Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy and be with whoever makes you


9. Where can we find you? 

Website: Click HERE

Facebook – Click HERE

Twitter – Click HERE

Instagram – Click HERE

Birth In Balance

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1 Comment on Mum Who Rocks: Briony From Birth In Balance

  1. John
    March 7, 2014 at 3:53 pm (5 years ago)

    As Ollie’s grand dad thank you Briony for being such a HUGE x 1000 positive in Ollie’s birth and the whole birthing process for Nay.Both Nay and Ollie has been VERY blessed for having you come into their world. You do Rock BIG time!!!!!!!!!!


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