I wrote a few weeks back HERE about how I’d been diligently sticking to filling in my Gratitude Journal each evening with all the stuff I’m thankful for in the day past. I’ve managed almost every night since the very beginning of January and have started to notice that gratitude is seeping more and more into my everyday existence, a rather lovely side effect of the whole process.

I’ve been able to notice the little things that make me happy while they’re happening, giving me the chance to say a silent ‘Thank You’ for whatever it is that’s making me light up inside. Usually, it’s the minutia of everyday life; my kid being especially hilarious at the breakfast table, watching my husband watch our son with the most amazing look of pride and pure contentment on his face, afternoon swims when we are the only ones on the beach.

Being able to actually stop and notice is something quite new for me as I’m not always great at staying ‘in the moment’, and appreciating the present. It’s something I’m constantly working on and I think this gratitude business is definitely helping!

Here’s what’s made it into the journal (and out of my mind) over the past few weeks:

– Amazing salads

– Productive days

– Pre-natal massage

– Adventures with Ollie

– Unconditional love

– Meditation classes

– Quality daycare

– Collaboration and new opportunity

– Fast, nutritious food and sharing meals with my family

– Cafe breakfasts

– Homemade nachos

– Cuddles with my boys


I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for this week! Please feel free to SHARE in the comments!


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