There’s been plenty happening around these parts lately. We welcomed my husbands sister and her partner, visiting from the UK, the Friday before last, and prior to that, there was a spell of work for moi along with the usual end-of-year insanity. I somehow thought that we might avoid it somewhat this year, with me not working in an office any longer and living outside of the city but somehow, it managed to find us. Just quietly though.. I’m glad it did. I am a festive season tragic. I have been harassing poor husbando to accompany me to buy a tree (a real, live one) since they first started popping up in the last week of November. I think the poor guy eventually agreed just to get a moments peace. Totally worth the effort though. It looks and smells amazing.

I’ve been working to tie up as many loose ends as I can as the year draws to a close. A few freelance projects and writing tasks, pregnancy related paperwork and *gulp* all the rigmarole that comes with enrolling a kidlet in daycare. Ollie will be starting at a local centre when he turns two, in January next year and I think I’m equal parts excited and trepidatious.

I’ve also been mulling over where I want to take this little space in the next 12 months. I started blogging back in April 2012, after having Ollie and it’s been a pretty wild 18 or so months. What I blog about (and what I WANT to blog about) has changed and I’m working on finding out how that fits with (Not) Just A Mummy in its current format. I didn’t start blogging with any idea that you could earn actual, real life money from doing it. Somehow I was completely clueless about that side of things (which I’m actually kind of glad about to be honest). Now that I work for myself full time and no longer have a ‘proper’ permanent pay cheque, earning some kind of income from what I’m writing about has become more important. I’m hoping I can work out a way to keep blogging about what I love and earn some kind of monetary compensation for it. Not sure yet if that’s a pipe dream though!

To wrap up my rambles somewhat succinctly, here’s what life’s been like lately.Life LatelyLife Lately

post 2Scarborough Hotel

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  1. Mother Down Under
    December 10, 2013 at 2:57 pm (5 years ago)

    Life looks like it has been pretty good lately!

    I found as well that once Toddler C and I had emerged relatively unscathed from that first intense year and a half or so, my blog became a lot more about my interests and less about mothering. It has been a nice transition…and one that seemed right for my blog.


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