Poor ol’ eyebrows. When it comes to the lay of the land, beauty wise, they don’t usually get much of a look in. Sure, we may prune them back, lest they become more wildeebeest than woman but in terms of actual time spent primping, I’d hazard a guess that they are way down the line.

It’s a pity as the majority of us do focus some attention on the eye area (hands up if you own mascara and apply it regularly) on a daily basis and triple that effort when a special occasion rolls around. Much as I love my lips, the one thing I wear pretty much everyday is mascara. I look like a badger without it thanks to my pale lashes that tend to blend into my pale lids.

There’s a few reasons that the eyebrows get neglected; time, confusion over what to actually ‘do’ with them but primarily I think we probably just forget that they’re there. Clearly we would notice if they had fallen off our face (have you seen those images of celebs sans brows.. Hilarious and terrifying) but on the whole, we just kind of let them do their thing while we lavish our love elsewhere.

If you’ve ever had a professional shape and/or a tint, you’re probably aware of the difference it can make it your face. You’ll often hear makeup artists and beauty therapists banging on about how a good eyebrow treatment can take years off your face and indeed change entire dimensions. Having had a fair few treatments in my life, I can attest to the truth of this fact. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the time and funds to book in for professional treatments every month, as much as I’d like to. Especially as my brows are, like my lashes, very, very pale meaning I can get away with minimal maintenance. This doesn’t however, do a lot for my face. I don’t get the beautiful face framing benefits that a striking pair of brows can give.. at least I didn’t until I dug out a rather stupendous product on Thursday, ripped off the packaging and gave it a whirl.

That product was Model Co Eyebrows Designer Brow Kit and to come over all American market guru, it was a game changer. I’d been sent the product a few months back while working in my magazine beauty role but, as is sometimes the case, it had slipped to the bottom of my ‘to try’ pile. I did have the presence of mind to bring it home with me when I finished up at work but until last week, it lurked, forlorn and alone, in the bathroom cabinet.

im_1I literally found it by accident when I thought I was picking up an eyeshadow palette on Thursday morning and thought I’d give it a whirl. As you can see in the pic, it’s basically a bunch of different brow powders, a couple of little brushes and an all purpose eyebrow wax. Each powder is similar in consistency to an eyeshadow and is applied in the same way; gently brushed on and into the brows to gradually and gently change the colour.

I went in a little enthusiastically at first and loaded up my brush with the darker brown colour before realising that I’d created a Halloween-esque appearance with heavy, far too dark brows. I rubbed that off with a slightly damp wash cloth and went back for a second go with the lighter shade. It worked a treat. My brows looked a million times more polished and I actually could see what a difference they made to my face itself.

Since then I’ve become a little obsessed. I’ve been using it pretty much everyday as it takes all of 30 seconds and yields such great results. I didn’t apply this morning and you can see the difference in the photos below (excuse my ridiculous facial expression in both photos, I’m hopeless at taking photos which don’t require me to do anything with my lips and teeth.)



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