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I don’t often do ‘fashion-y’ posts. Beauty? 100%. I can talk your ear off about the joys of mastering a winged eye and why exactly one shade of fuchsia is so much better than another. Fashion however hasn’t been on the bloggy radar. Not because I’m not a fan, more because there’s so many sites that do a much better job than I would probably do!

I had a bit of a shift in my thinking however last Friday. I flew to the Gold Coast Thursday evening for the annual Problogger Conference AKA two days of mind blowing blog related workshops, seminars, networking events and the general stuff that occurs when a bunch of people who do the same thing get together en masse.

It was a fabulous 48 hours. On the Friday morning I Instagrammed a photo of the dress I was wearing and had a huge level of lovely feedback. I was a little shocked actually at how many people ‘liked’ and ‘commented’ on what was a $25.oo lunch break purchase from a little chain store in the city.

Generally, that dress (and the rest of what I was wearing) summed up my approach to clothes and fashion in general really well. I am not a designer gal. Nor do I spend a huge amount of money. Even before I had Ollie and we went from two incomes to one, I was a sucker for chain stores, sample sales and online bargains. You can generally find me wearing at least one item from Target, Kmart or Big W on a daily basis. Places like Sussan, where many gals under the age of 40 wouldn’t dream of shopping, are my friends. I will shop anywhere and everywhere, especially for trend based items. That’s not to say that I don’t own anything in the higher price range (I do) but on the whole, I enjoy mixing and matching a range of budget and mid-priced items.

The funny thing is, I constantly get asked where I bought many of the items I’ve gotten for under $30. I personally feel that how you wear clothes is far more important than how much they cost. I also like the thrill of digging through the racks to find a total gem that will end up shocking people with its affordability.

Bearing that in mind, I’m thinking a few more fashion posts may appear here on (Not) Just A Mummy. Hopefully I can inspire a few of you to hit the racks at Big W and snap up something gorgeous!

Here’s what I wore for Problogger (and where I got it).

cheap and chic fashionDay 1 – 

Dress – Paper Scissors

Bangles – Lovisa

Belt – Target

Neck bling – Glebe Markets and added to by me!

Day 2 –

Jeans – Country Road

Tee – Sussan

Scarf – Sussan

Bangles – Lovisa and Stella McCartney for Target

Shoes – Shoebox

Target DressNetworking Event

Dress – Target

Belt – Target

Shoes – Shoebox

Blazer – Primary (UK)

Wine glass – Hilton QLD 😉

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1 Comment on What I Wore… To Problogger

  1. Mother Down Under
    September 16, 2013 at 9:44 pm (6 years ago)

    You looked great all weekend!
    I especially loved your maxi dress.
    Big W is my favourite store…I can ALWAYS find something in there. And Sussan is great too. And I must admit I am also partial to Forever New.


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