The lovely Kate over on the (Not) Just A Mummy Facebook page (find that HERE) posted a cracker of a Beauty Q+A up a few weeks ago and one that I’ve been keen to tackle ever since.

Q: Why does my eye makeup run away by the end of the day??* Where does it go? Who is it hanging with? Why does it ABANDON my face when it needs it most?

Now, I added a few words the original question (anything after the * is all me), but I reckon Kate was feeling all those things when she asked. Makeup that refuses to stick around for the duration is a pet hate of mine. You go to all the effort of carefully applying your eyeliner, shadow and mascara only to peer into the mirror on your 11.30am bathroom break and realise you look as bare eyed as when you first woke up. It’s just not fair. Luckily, there’s a very easy solution to prevent runaway makeup.

Generally, we’re all very conscientious with our skin stuff, usually applying a few different lotions and potions of a morning, sometimes even a primer, but we forget all about it when we get to our eyes and lips.

The thing is, these areas need priming even MORE than our faces, if you can believe it. The skin on our eyes especially is thin and a little bit creased, meaning that our makeup isn’t always that keen to hang around. We usually go in, all guns blazing with liner, followed by shadow and layer that stuff onto our lids, hoping that two coats of our chosen shade will stay put for the next 8+ hours.

While we may gallop out of the house with perfectly pretty peepers, we’re usually disappointed by lunchtime. Ain’t nobody got time for a full re-do at lunch so we just give up and curse the makeup gods for forsaking us.

By adding a simple step in of a morning however (or of an evening if you’re planning a night on the town), you can force your shadow to stick around till you’re ready to bid it adios. All a gal has gotta do is prep the lids in the right way. By providing a solid base to adhere to, your eye makeup won’t be going anywhere.

How does one do that? Quite simply by either investing in a dedicated eye primer OR by using a bit of your favorite concealer over your lids and even up to your brows (if you’re a highlighter under the brows kinda lady). My picks? Australis Eyeshadow Primer, $12.95, a great mid-priced eye makeup specific product and Rimmel Hide The Blemish Cover Stick, $10.50. While the the Rimmel product isn’t a specific eye makeup primer, it’s fantastically thick and creamy which is exactly what you want from a priming base (it’s also a fab pimple coverer).

Whack your chosen product onto clean, bare eyelid and make sure it’s well blended in. I usually wait a minute or two to make sure it’s set and then apply your eye makeup on top. So quick and simple, there’s really no excuse NOT to give it a go.

Makeup Collage.jpg

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1 Comment on Beauty Q + A: How To Stop Your Eye Makeup Running Away

  1. karen Lai
    September 4, 2013 at 8:30 am (5 years ago)

    Amazing tip! Thanks (not) just a mummy!


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