Q: Naomi! What’s your favourite, not too expensive brand recommendation for a long-wear lipstick?? A brand with amazing reds, of course?!

A: By golly, I love a good beauty question. Combine that with the nature of said question; lipstick, and I’m pretty much in heaven. The lovely Cassie put fingers to keys the other week and posted this question up on the (Not) Just A Mummy Facebook page (have you checked it out? You totally should, link is HERE). The lady wanted to rock a bright lip and knew she needed the right tools, but wasn’t sure where to start.

Being that the original (Not) Just A Mummy tagline was; ‘muddling through motherhood while still rocking a red lip’, to say that I’m a lippie fan is an understatement. I love the stuff. The brighter the better. I don’t wear it as much as I once did (the Thirroul IGA just does not appreciate that kind of effort), but when I’m out on the town or in at work with other adult humans, it’s my go-to beauty staple.

Much, much easier than a smoky eye (and longer lasting, when you do the right prep work), a bold or bright lip will never have you looking like you’re on your way to a small wine bar for a drink (like a dramatic eye sometimes can). If executed correctly, you’ll be all class, with a capital ‘C’.

Getting back to Cassie’s original question, I’m pleased to say that I have a favourite. One that’s available both online and in-store. The brand? Napoleon Perdis. The particular product? DeVine Goddess Lipstick ($24). My favourite of all favourite shades is ‘Hara’. An absolute gem of a (really) bright orange that I love and adore and will wear until I’m 85 (at least).

I’m also very partial to ‘Eros’ a bright fuschia colour that just LOOKS like summer. You can find the full range of Napoleon lippies HERE.

If you’re looking for something slightly more cost effective, NP Set, the diffusion line by Napoleon and available through Target stores nationally is a fabulous option. Marseille (a deep red), Noosa (a bright orange) and Florence (bright, beautiful pink) are my picks. You can find the NP site HERE and the colour options (and option to buy online) HERE.

Now before you go forth and splurge on a fun new shade, you GOTTA remember to do the ground work. Plenty of gals usually tell me two things about brightly coloured lippie; 1) It doesn’t suit me and 2) It’s too high maintenance and ends up rubbing off. In answer to 1), I haven’t met a person who can’t rock a red lip like nobodies business. Red is a flattering shade for ALL skin tones and types. Still erring on the side of caution? Pop into your local DJ’s or Myer, try a few different shades on and utilise the assistance of the professionals. You don’t have to buy anything. Record what they have to say in the ‘beauty’ section of your brain and hit up Priceline or Target for a cheaper option.

As for 2) with the right prep, a bold lip can and will last you a full work day,. Trust me, I’ve managed it countless times. For the lowdown on how to prep your kissers. Check out THIS how to post I did on the juicy orange lip.  The prep seriously takes less than 5 minutes and is well worth the result.

Got a burning beauty question? Get in touch via Facebook, Twitteror drop me an email (notjustamummy1@gmail.com)

Until next (beauty) post.. Go out and shine you crazy diamonds!

How much do I love thee bright lip? Let me count the ways…

Rocking a red lip and Christmas jumper like nobodies business


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