I thought a bit of a DIY beauty recipe would be a nice way to ease back in after a fabulous weekend of family time, food and relaxation.

The recent changes I’ve made to my eating and wellness have started to spill over into other parts of my life, namely the way I’m working out and what I’m now using on my skin. As a complete and utter product junkie, this has been an interesting transition to say the least.

While I can’t say I’ve shunned all those luscious little bottles than so bewitch me with their glittery promises of perfect, pore-less perfection, I have scaled back a little and started peering at the backs of those bottles with a bit more interest.

The fact that my skin has been a little snooty with me has also made the transition more pertinent. Months (years?!) of testing new products on a monthly basis, chopping and changing between brands and ranges and slathering on some PRETTY intensive stuff has left my skin fragile and on the reactive side, meaning that it gets pink and puffy veeeeeeery quickly when it comes into contact with something it doesn’t like.

I wanted to do a bit of an exfoliation over the weekend as my skin needed a bit of a boost BUT I didn’t have anything to hand that I wanted to use. Enter a stroke of creativity and a new favourite was born.

You’ve probably heard about the wonder that is coconut oil. It’s the new kid on the health/wellness/beauty block and people are going coco-nutty (yep, I went there) for this lusciously scented little guy.  And with good reason. It’s pretty much a natural wonder.
Not only does the pure product have a natural SPF of 4 (AHMAZING news for fair skinned pretties) it’s also ideal for softening and healing skin all over your body due to it’s antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Gross but true fact: I’m using it to treat a fungal infection thingy on my ring finger that keeps cropping up due to hard water/soap etc being trapped underneath my wedding and engagement rings. The results thus far are looking promising.

So there I am on Saturday evening wondering what I could use to gently scrub my face. Having used a variety of different cleansing oils in the past and regularly massaging coconut oil into my face in place of serum/moisturiser I reckoned that there was no reason why I couldn’t utilise the awesomeness of the coconut as the base of my scrub. I debated adding baking soda (an old fave) BUT remembered reading about how almond meal can work a treat and after a quick rummage, unearthed a bag of homemade meal that was leftover after I’d made almond milk the week before.

I mixed the two together to form a finely granulated paste, tried not to eat the concoction at the bottom of my mug, then applied to my face, décolletage and upper arms.

Results were AMAZING. The oil provided the perfect amount of lubrication to prevent any scratchiness and, even after being rinsed off, left enough residue that skin felt really soft but not greasy. The almond meal was gentle and almost ‘dissolved’ into the oil but not completely meaning it still worked a treat as a scrub.

Overall, it was a big thumbs up and a product I’ll be adding into my weekly at-home routine.

Organic Homemade Face Scrub

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