I’m really getting into the concept of gratitude and/or thankfulness in a big way at the moment. As with meditation, a move back to whole, nourishing foods and a concerted effort to slot ‘actual’ as opposed to ‘incidental’ exercise into my week, it’s one of the things i’m doing as part of my wellness plan for 2013 which was implemented after a crazy two years of weddings and babies to help me get back to my best physically AND mentally.

The general idea behind consciously expressing thankfulness or gratitude for the super sweet stuff in your life is rooted in the positive thinking school of thought and the concept that our thoughts help to reinforce not just what we do and how we feel, but the kind of life we attract. As someone who’s had her fair share of dalliances with very scary, very negative thought patterns, I can attest to the impact that this kind of thinking has on every facet of life.

Part of my treatment for OCD and anxiety revolves around accepting the idea of thoughts ‘just being’ thoughts so to a certain extent, I struggle to buy too deeply into the ‘thoughts create your reality’ theory, purely due to the fact that I am ECSTATIC that the thoughts I’ve had in the past didn’t suddenly manifest into real life. What I do know however is that, while the thoughts themselves didn’t have any truth to them, the life they created for me was a reflection of their inherent attributes. They were a tangle of fearful, anxious, frustrated, sad little threads that in turn acted as the sparks that kept the fires with the same labels burning away for a good few months. My thoughts were gloomy and it was a struggle to push that gloom aside in wider life.

It stands to reason then that a head full of niceties will have the opposite effect to a head full of fear and will help push that sparkly vibe onwards and outwards, creating a sweeter existence in the process. Being grateful or thankful isn’t suddenly going to cure the worlds ills, nor is it going to always make you feel great but in my experience, the good and positive breeds the good and positive.

To this end, I started writing a gratitude journal each night. Bob and I (I don’t really call him Bob, that would be silly, clearly that’s way to plain a name for such an awesome book) hang out between 9.15pm-9.30pm each night and catch up on the day that was. Often enough, the pages are filled with innocuous stuff (looking back, I had a deep love for garlic mushrooms as I was grateful for them three nights in a row) though occasionally a rare little gem is thrown up. What’s also fun is looking back through the book for an instant feel good fix. I’ve also been able to recognise certain patterns in the way my thinking goes at certain times of the week/month etc.

I’ve decided to kick things up a notch by importing that journal into the online world and posting each week about the great stuff I’ve experienced that day/week. I’d LOVE you to join in and share what you’re grateful or thankful for. Excuse me while I go all earth mama on you but it feels really good to put the positive out there AND share it with others.

So this week I’m thankful for…

  • Getting closer to finding our new home
  • Park visits with friends
  • Garlic mushrooms
  • Dinner out with my boys
  • The beach at sunset
  • My body showing me what it does and doesn’t need and the changes I need to make
  • Freshly washed doonas and doona covers
  • Floral skinny jeans from GAP
  • Green smoothies with fresh coconut meat
  • Pretty teapots and matching cups and saucers

Ahhhhh, nothing spewing out all that gratitude!

What are YOU thankful for this lovely Thursday?

thankful 2

thankful 1

 ‘I am thankful’ image courtesy of Pinterest

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6 Comments on Thankful on a Thursday

  1. nicolemadigandigan
    March 28, 2013 at 1:36 am (6 years ago)

    I can relate to this. I am an over-thinking junkie! Have always suffered from it and after years of family health issues it grew to extreme levels last year. I too have focused on distancing myself from my thoughts as well as the things I am grateful for – of which there are plenty! I’ve also been focusing more on my own health and wellbeing … it’s made all the difference!
    Wrote about that very thing here! http://www.nicolemadigan.blogspot.com.au

    • naomicot
      March 28, 2013 at 2:44 am (6 years ago)

      Us over-thinkers are a crazy ol’ bunch aren’t we?! So important that we take time for ourselves.. as hard as that can sometimes be! I’m heading over for a read now! Xx


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