Best Baby Pram and Stroller Review of Baby Jogger

I personally love the amazing baby pram by by Baby Jogger. but dont take my word for it, check out these reviews:

I first started to research double strollers in late 2009 as I was due with my second child in April 2010. I have to say after the intense research your strollers had all of the right requirements my husband and I were looking for. I contacted your customer service and spoke to an associate regarding the features and the special attachments that go with the Baby Jogger City Select series, the person that I spoke to was very helpful this was in early February 2010. I then contacted one of the local retailers who carries Baby Jogger and placed an order for the City Select Single, the Second Seat Kit and also the Car Seat Adapter. I’ve had City Select for a week now and it is the best stroller I have ever owned. My three year old loves it and the new born fits in it perfectly. It maneuvers wonderfully, I was able to go to the supermarket with both children the other day by myself, and that was great. The features are great, the fact that the seats come right out and it folds so easy, it fits in the car a lot better than some of the other strollers I own. I only wish I had done my research three years ago, the baby jogger would have been the only stroller I would have needed. Thank you so much this stroller far exceeded my expectations!”

Carla R.
Ocean, NJ

“I would like to thank your staff for being the only ones on the market that go out of their way to help their customers. I am 21 and have carpal tunnel in both wrists, so your strollers have made my life so much more bearable. The maneuverability and ease with which they handle is a godsend, for someone who wears braces 24 hours a day. Not to mention the high level of quality and comfort in each product. I have two of your strollers, and with out them I would have to hire a nanny to help me care for my 10-month-old baby boy, because my husband is currently serving in Iraq. From the bottom of my heart thank you for giving me my independence back. I know that this a small thing to you but you really don’t know how different your company is compared to all the others. I could go on for days about the pain you have saved me but I will just end with, please continue your work, and god bless you.”

Rachel C.
Honolulu Hawaii

“I just had to write to you to let you know that your City Mini double absolutely made our 12-day trip to Southern California not only possible but pleasurable. The stroller was a champ. It worked hard every day. From SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, LegoLand, Petco Park tour (where it fit through every doorway no problem), San Diego Zoo’s Wildlife Park, and last but not least to Disneyland and California Adventure Park for seven days.

“We have a 2-year-old son and 9-month-old daughter that really spent most of the day riding or sleeping in the stroller. They were comfortable and well protected from the sun with the big canopies. The light weight and easy maneuverability made it ideal, not to mention the quick folding handles that made it possible to simply fold and lift the stroller into the back of the van in one smooth motion. No fuss, no muss.


Choosing the Best Baby Carrier or Baby Sling

Selecting A Baby Sling. Choosing a Baby SlingBaby carriers or baby slings have been around as long as babies have been around. Different regions with different needs have developed unique carries. With the internet making the world a smaller place every day, you can now find baby carriers of all shapes, forms and fashions. With a little searching you are sure to find a baby carrier that will fit your needs.

Finding the best baby sling is a personal journey.Every baby will have different needs and every mother will have different requirements. One child may do wonderfully in a pouch and the second child (from the same parents) may refuse to stay put. Time can also be a factor. If you are only going to be using the pouch for a few minutes, then something that takes lots of straps or wrapping may not be justified.

The Ring Sling is one that is great for giving you a free hand around the house, and is mostly used with newborn babies. It consists of a length of cloth that is attached to two rings on one side. The other end of the cloth is threaded through the two rings, forming a pouch for baby. When the baby is in the pouch, the weight of the baby causes the threaded fabric to lock into place.

Fabric Pouches are similar in use to the Ring Sling, only without the rings. They consist on one solid tube of cloth that is draped over the mother’s shoulders and creates a pouch for the baby. These can be bought commercially or made by hand (just avoid slippery material if you do make your own).

Toddler Carrier are several yards of fabric that are wrapped around the baby and the wearer and then tied. It allows almost any piece of sturdy cloth to be turned into a sling or wrap (even bed sheets can be used for this purpose). The only limit to how you can secure the baby on the carrier is the length of the fabric that is being used. These are great for hands-free carrying – in the front or in the back. They can also be used to carry toddlers.

Backpack Carriers (or Mei Tai) is traditionally a square piece of cloth with straps coming out of each corner. It is secured by bringing all the straps around the person doing the carrying to be tied all together. It can act as a front or back carrier and can be used with toddlers or infants that can hold up their head well.

The best baby carrier is one that is comfortable and convenient for you and for your baby. Forget about all the hype and hearsay; before you buy a carrier you should try it out for yourself.…