• motherhood the second time around

    5 Month Reflections

    So I’ve been doing the mama-of-two thing for five whole months now. FIVE MONTHS. That’s almost half a year! And I’ve survived! Sure, I’ve had moments when I’ve hidden myself in the bathroom with half a melting chocolate freddo clenched in one fist and my phone in the other while simultaneously yelling ‘Mummy is on […] Read more…

  • Preparing To Breastfeed

    Breastfeeding… The Second Time Around

    * This post was written in conjunction with Medela. If there’s one thing I’ve been thinking about a heck of a lot in the last few weeks of this pregnancy, it’d have to be a cold glass of Secret Stone Sauvignon Blanc.. Well that and breastfeeding. Breastfeeding may even have topped my wine induced fantasies […] Read more…


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