• gentle_toilet_training

    The Toilet Training Chronicles

    Ahhh toilet training. The great leveller. The next step. The bridge between toddler and pre-schooler. The stuff either parents dreams or nightmares are made of, depending on your kids aptitude for weeing/pooing in a small plastic box/hovering over an ingenuously fitted mini toilet seat. It’s the trenches of parenting, that’s for sure. Cunningly timed to […] Read more…

  • motherhood the second time around

    5 Month Reflections

    So I’ve been doing the mama-of-two thing for five whole months now. FIVE MONTHS. That’s almost half a year! And I’ve survived! Sure, I’ve had moments when I’ve hidden myself in the bathroom with half a melting chocolate freddo clenched in one fist and my phone in the other while simultaneously yelling ‘Mummy is on […] Read more…



  • Taking Stock - January

    Taking Stock – January

    Well it’s been awhile between drinks. And by drinks, I mean blog posts. Does anyone else get the song ‘It’s Been Awhile’ by alternative metal band ‘Staind’ (no I didn’t wikipedia that, I am completely across metal bands of the 90’s) stuck in their heads when they read the line ‘it’s been awhile’? Just me? […] Read more…

  • 20140516-171909.jpg

    A TGIF Toast

      Hip hip hooray it’s Friday! Once upon a time (more accurately, 8.5 months ago-ish) Friday Eve would mean an icy cold beverage, usually of the alcoholic variety while the husband and I would toast another week. He’d toast standard topics while i’d toast managing to sail (sometimes crawl) through another week, juggling a small […] Read more…

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