• motherhood

    Ten things that HAVEN’T changed since having kids

    After the glorious pronouncement that you are with child (if the gigantor boobs, suspicious trips to the bathroom each morning and t-shirt emblazoned with ‘Eating for two’ hasn’t already given it away), you’re guaranteed to hear the same phrase, admittedly in a variety of creative disguises, over the nine months that your belly swells. “Get […] Read more…

  • gentle_toilet_training

    The Toilet Training Chronicles

    Ahhh toilet training. The great leveller. The next step. The bridge between toddler and pre-schooler. The stuff either parents dreams or nightmares are made of, depending on your kids aptitude for weeing/pooing in a small plastic box/hovering over an ingenuously fitted mini toilet seat. It’s the trenches of parenting, that’s for sure. Cunningly timed to […] Read more…

Beauty + Fashion


  • post natal depression

    The Return Of PND To My Life

    I’ve been pondering for a good 5 minutes now and I am stumped on a pithy introduction for this post. If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while, you’ll know I inject humour into most things, so please don’t take my initial light hearted tone as an indication that I don’t completely realize […] Read more…

  • Taking Stock - January

    Taking Stock – January

    Well it’s been awhile between drinks. And by drinks, I mean blog posts. Does anyone else get the song ‘It’s Been Awhile’ by alternative metal band ‘Staind’ (no I didn’t wikipedia that, I am completely across metal bands of the 90’s) stuck in their heads when they read the line ‘it’s been awhile’? Just me? […] Read more…

Health + Wellbeing

  • Sugar Free Treats

    Healthy Peanut Butter Cups

    Prior to quitting sugar, I had a thing for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I discovered them when I was in the states in 2006 as a summer camp counsellor and steadily became addicted. Imagine my joy when they became available in Australia, then triple that to get an idea of the kind of elation I […] Read more…

  • Aldi Shopping

    How To Shop Healthily At ALDI

    A slightly random post this Thursday but hey, what is Thursday without a touch of the random? Just your average weekday, sandwiched sadly between hump day and TGIF. Poor old Thursday, you gotta feel for it a little. Getting back to today’s post which will no doubt make Thursday that little more quirky, I’m talking […] Read more…